Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gastown Sprints moves to The Astoria Hotel Dec. 16th

Hey kids,

Just a quick update, we are moving the date and the location for the foreseeable future. Pub 340 is shutting down for a few months for renovations and in the mean time we are moving to The Astoria Hotel.

I'm pretty stoked, the space is bigger, The stage is higher, and I think i might even be able to hook up a mic to the sound system so i don't have to lose my voice:)

The new info is The Astoria Hotel, 8:00pm December 16th $5 at the door.

Also since i have a little more time on my hands I'm getting in touch with Phil Wood, Velocity, Red Bull, Eighth Inch, and anyone else who might have an advertising budget for this kind of stuff. I will have sweet non cash prizes or die trying.

Tell all of your friends, come down. I'll put an event posting together as soon as i get artwork. We need people to fill the new bigger space.

Come hammer, or just watch because that is awesome too:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


hey guys!

sorry for the late notice, but next Wednesday (since it is the first Wednesday of the month) will be the gastown sprints.

for the very first time we will have non cash prizes (don't worry the cash will still be there). free haircuts. I know people are going to need them going into winter.

either way, call all your friends, Wednesday nov. 4th 8:00pm pub 340 $5 at the door. spread the word.