Friday, February 4, 2011

Gastown Sprints February 19th at Malone's

Hey kids,

We are pretty happy with our new home at Malone's so come down and help us keep this thing going. The saturday things seems to be working out nicely. Drinking on weekends easier then drinking on weekdays, who knew?

So come on down! registration starts at 9pm and we will start races as soon as we have a few of them ready to roll as it were.

February 19th $5 at the door 9pm.

tell all your friends

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Globe Roller Racing June 18th at UBC Pit Pub

Hey kids,

i have a very special sprint coming up on the 18th of this month at UBC that i can guarantee you will be worth your time.

for the last bit a few of my friends, The TREK coalition and i have been talking to specialized about putting on some big stuff, and the 18th at the UBC Pit is our first little foray into this.

Specialized is putting up some great stuff, EMT survival kits, Tactic helmets, BG Equinox gloves, wool socks, Jerseys, all kinds of stuff that ther north west cyclist needs, and the list goes on.

Not only that, but Zip Car is also getting involved and the grand prize will be a weekend with a convertible Mini cooper, in addition to several subscriptions to the service. With summer coming up this has to be worth coming out for right?

we also have several messenger bags that will be raffled off made out of reclaimed banners. each one is one of a kind and can not be obtained anywhere else.

Also 1/3rd of every ticket goes to the UBC TREK coalition, working hard to find transportation alternatives for all the kids out there.

the bottom line is if we really blow this thing out of the water there could be big big things down the road.


June 18th 7PM at the UBC Pit Pub 6138 student union Blvd. $5 at the door. Cash prizes as well as sweet swag.

tell all your friends.

Friday, April 9, 2010

2 WEEKS! APRIL 21ST GASTOWN SPRINTS. last before summer

All right kids,

the weather is getting better and better as the months go on. And so Gastown sprints is going to be taking a little break during the summer.


we will be coming back when it gets cold and terrible out again, but for now this will be your lost opportunity to get in that sweet sweet roller racing.

you know the drill. $5 at the door, free beer for qualifying heat winners. cash prizes. we have a little merch left over to give out.

April 21st at The Astoria Hotel. 8:00pm $5 at the door.

tell all your friends. lets do the last one up big.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

2 WEEKS! March 17th. gastown sprints

March Sprints are upon us. Come down and drop the hammer.

Lambert will be kicking down some sweet prizes once again because they are amazing. more on that once i know more.

Free beer for qualifying heat winners is back and here to stay. In addition there is always cold hard cash for the men and women's grand champion of the night.

Also Bandida's is kicking in gift certificates for the fastest qualifying time. So you can go get those calories back.

$5 at the door 8:00pm march 17th at the Astoria Hotel. tell all your friends.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Hey guys, just got word from Lambert about prizes it is looking like Lezyne Floor pumps, HALO tires, EVO fenders, Cat Eye Light, more grips etc = over $800 retail

should be some sweet stuff up for grabs. So came down and roller sprint your little hearts out.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2 WEEKS! February gastown sprints

here we go again kids. We have 2 weeks until the February Gastown sprints are up again.

Lambert is on board once more for prizes, details on that will be coming along soon.

and this will be the return of the one free beer for qualifying heat winners. So tell all of your friends and head down to the best roller racing in Vancouver!

Wednesday feb 17 8pm at The Astoria Hotel $5 at the door

Monday, January 18, 2010


Dropped by Lambert today and picked up the prize box

in addition to some clips, grips, and winter gloves there are two sweet floor pumps from Lezyne, as well as some Abus locks, and a couple of cool Trixie Tools from Pedro.

the tools are one of those crazy lockring all in one deals. yes it has a bottle opener and is fixed specific ;)

so we will have that up for grabs in addition to the cash and hopefully beer, i have to talk to dustin.

this Wednesday 8:00pm The Astoria Hotel. $5 at the door bring all your friends.